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Implementing shared decision making in interprofessional home care teams : a stepped wedge cluster randomized controlled trial

Subvention IRSC-Recherche sur l’application des connaissances (KTR) – (2014-2018)

This study will train health providers in home care teams across Quebec in shared decision making about the decision to stay at home or move to another location. This decision is one of the toughest for older Canadians. Decisions that are informed, shared and supported produce better results. An interprofessional approach to shared decision making is when older persons and their caregivers are supported by not just one but by all the professionals involved in their care.The impact of the training program in interprofessional shared decision making (IPSDM) above that of the passive dissemination of a decision guide will be assessed by measuring to what extent older persons caregivers say they took active part in the decision-making process.


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