LApLACE : LAte life LocAtion of CarE research

IRSC– Subvention d’équipe: Questions liées au grand âge- Lettre d’intention  (2015 – 2016)

This starting grant will be used to lay the ground for the creation of an interdisciplinary and inter-sectorial client-centered research team involving diverse knowledge users to generate a pool of rich and applied knowledge on late-life issues. The intention is to help workers and professionals in healthcare, social services, architecture and urban planning to better understand the needs of very old people still living at home and their caregivers, and to better serve them. Our research question is: How can expertise in healthcare and social services be combined with expertise in architecture, urban design and urban planning to develop transdisciplinary knowledge and broad- reaching solutions to meet the needs of older people, their families, and knowledge users concerned with aging at home in the late-life period?